Consider This Your Starting Line.

You didn’t run your last 10K , summit that 14er, finish that hut trip, or crush a PR in the gym by blindly relying on the talents of others. Self reliance got you there. Resolving your chronic pain is no different, and it can happen without another MRI or trip to the chiropractor. But you have to be ready to try an approach that turns what you’ve tried before on its head.


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Gung-Ho Movement

Utilizing Corrective Exercise Training, Personal Training, and Rolfing,

we help people get rid of dysfunctional movement patterns created by

trauma, posture, repetitive movements and inactivity !

I combine Corrective Exercise, Personal Training with Rolfing to create longer-lasting results that Rolfing cannot provide on its own.  Corrective exercise reinforces efficient movement, increases mobility and stability to areas that need them, and prevents future injury. Personal Training integrates this newly found movement into daily life.

It creates a strong and mobile body that is less susceptible to injury causing movement.

Meet Jeff Neill

jeff neill

It’s easy to think that your best days are behind you when you have chronic pain from past surgeries, injuries, or a less-than-optimal lifestyle.

Maybe your story sounds like mine…

I was recovering from shoulder surgery and missing out on the things I love.

Just picture it: Active, 41-year-old me. I was always worried that I’d do something while skiing, mountain biking, hiking, or playing with my family that would leave me hurting for days.

And when I wasn’t avoiding overdoing it, I was miserable with nagging upper back and neck pain while sitting in front of a computer all day as a MRI/CT technician.

I only saw more pain ahead, and I’d tried everything I could think of.

Physical therapy, surgery, massage, acupuncture, yoga, chiropractic, stretching, mobility work, numerous different types of weight training — you name it — but the results were always short lived, lasting just hours or days.


What we are all about

Utilizing the 3 proven pain control methods of Corrective Exercise Training, Personal Training and Rolfing Structural Integration; Gung-Ho Movement helps active adults get back to enjoying the things they love to do by eliminating the frustration of being chronically injured or in pain, simplifying the overwhelming number of therapy choices, and finally ending the heartbreaking feeling of missing out on all the fun.

Our Vision and Mission

Rolfing FAQ’s

That’s a very subjective question and really depends on the person getting the work. Rolfing sessions have an old reputation as being a painful. Personally, I feel that Rolfing Structural Integration techniques have changed in the past 40+ years to utilize a wide range of touch skills. Ranging from light to deep. Rolfing pressure is usually described as intense or deep, but not usually as painful. My goal is to make sessions as effective as possible, but the client is the controlling factor. I attempt to meet the client at their comfort level.

The 10 series was designed as a progressive approach to systematically change your body over 10 Sessions. It’s most effective that way. Each session builds off the previous one. With that in mind, some people cannot do 10 sessions, or have no desire to do a full 10 series. Individual sessions can tailored to your needs. I would advise anyone interested in trying Rolfing SI, to get at least 3 sessions to see if it works for you.

No. While there are similarities, about the closest thing to massage is that both use a table. Rolfing didn’t evolve from massage. Rolfing is not a technique. Rolfing is a collaborative approach to health with definite goals; to bring about postural and physical change and increase your body awareness. The aim of Rolfing is to give the client long lasting results.


Corrective Exercise/Personal Training/Rolfing Benefits

Feel Better

Stop Wasting Money

Eliminate Ineffective Therapies

Get Strong

Get Back to Enjoying Life


As a nurse, I’m constantly lifting and moving people, “hunched over” at the computer and on my feet for “long hours”. My back, hips and legs have always been my “problem areas”. I’ve done massage, but the sessions never addressed the root of the problem and the effects were short-lived. After having a few sessions of Rolfing with Jeff, the effects are much more long lasting and I like how I’ve seen an actual change in how my body functions and moves. The chronic pains that I’ve had in my back and hips are now less frequent and in some cases gone! I was a bit of a skeptic before, but no longer.

Erin N, Registered Nurse, (Golden CO)

I received the post 3 sessions of Rolfing from Jeff. I felt that he understood my body very well so that he utilized effective strategies and useful techniques in my sessions. He knows how to communicate and include clients into sessions, which makes our process of healing faster. I recommend Jeff to wide variety of population who has different types of physical conditions. I guarantee that he would be great help in many ways

Kosuke Sato, Fellow Certified Rolfer, Takasaki Japan

I injured my knee in March skiing and was told I would most likely need surgery if physical therapy didn’t help. After 6 weeks of PT, the pain was not greatly reduced and I was having issues with my back on the same side. At the time I had been looking at Rolfing as a holistic solution to a number of aches and pains that I have on occasion – I’m so glad I contacted Jeff and worked with him! After 10 sessions, my back feels great, I ran a 5K with my kids after not running for months, and I feel great!

Kristie Reid, IT Executive (Golden, CO)