“I recently went on a search for a good Rolfer in Denver and found Jeff. I am on my 7th session and have really been feeling the benefits. I usually try to get 10 sessions of Rolfing every few years, it has been more then 10 years since my last sessions. I was starting to feel a lot of tension and pain in my neck and shoulders and figured I need to get in and have some Rolfing done. I was right and the Rolfing has really been getting the tension out and my body back into alignment. Jeff is a good Rolfer and really gets into his work, his sessions have a lot of value. The location is really good for me it is close to Denver but I do not have to go downtown. ”

Max Tinmore- Denver Colorado

“I just recently completed a 10 session Rolfing treatment with Jeff Neill. Jeff worked on my whole body correcting years of bad posture. He also taught me how to be aware of my posture in daily work settings so that I can keep the positive results that I received during my treatments. I’m not perfect, but much better than before, my shoulders now sit in the correct position and I don’t have to try to hold them back, also there is not the muscle tightness between my shoulders as there has been for years. My hips in the past have been out of alignment and my right hip did not have free movement. The hips now are much better with more freedom of movement, I can feel it when I walk each day. Overall I had a very positive result from my Rolfing treatments with Jeff. He is very personable, professional and encouraging to his clients. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of structural improvement and overall well being. ”

Dixon Dahlberg

“I had 3 sessions with Jeff for a chronic achilles injury. I have had several rolfing experiences in the past and hoped to increase flexibility and range of motion in lower legs and ankle. Although Jeff is fairly new to the rolfing world, i was very impressed with his ability to diagnose my issues and utilize a variety of techniques to improve my situation. He is extremely passionate about fitness and biomechanics and has a real concern not only to help one with current problems but also future prevention. It is great to have someone with these skills in the golden area!!”

George Barker

“I have known Jeff for a couple of years as our kids practice Tae Kwon Do together. He told me that he was Rolfer, and although I knew nothing about what that meant, I was intrigued to learn what it was all about. I started seeing Jeff and he worked on my shoulders and back which are two areas where I had been having ongoing pain from both stress and past sports injuries. The techniques he used were helpful almost immediately. I then did a 10-series with him which was truly eye-opening. We talked about alignment and he helped me understand much more about how things are connected and how I can be more mindful in regards to my sitting and standing posture on a daily basis. I have read reviews that say Rolfing is painful, but I didn’t necessarily find this to be true. There are times when it can be a bit intense, especially if you have areas that are tight (for me it’s hamstrings and areas around my feet, shin and calves) but the outcome is so worth it. The methods that Jeff uses are very effective and after having work done I feel lighter, looser and just more open. I highly recommend Jeff as your Rolfer. He is very approachable, knowledgeable and listens to and addresses your concerns. He explains what he is doing and makes sure that you are comfortable and well-informed during the entire session. ”

Liz LaBelle

“As a nurse, I’m constantly lifting and moving people, “hunched over” at the computer and on my feet for “long hours”. My back, hips and legs have always been my “problem areas”. I’ve done massage, but the sessions never addressed the root of the problem and the effects were short-lived. After having a few sessions of Rolfing with Jeff, the effects are much more long lasting and I like how I’ve seen an actual change in how my body functions and moves. The chronic pains that I’ve had in my back and hips are now less frequent and in some cases gone! I was a bit of a skeptic before, but no longer.”

Erin N

“I received the post 3 sessions of Rolfing from Jeff. I felt that he understood my body very well so that he utilized effective strategies and useful techniques in my sessions. He knows how to communicate and include clients into sessions, which makes our process of healing faster. I recommend Jeff to wide variety of population who has different types of physical conditions. I guarantee that he would be great help in many ways.”

Kosuke Sato, Japan

“I injured my knee in March skiing and was told I would most likely need surgery if physical therapy didn’t help. After 6 weeks of PT, the pain was not greatly reduced and I was having issues with my back on the same side. At the time I had been looking at Rolfing as a holistic solution to a number of aches and pains that I have on occasion – I’m so glad I contacted Jeff and worked with him! After 10 sessions, my back feels great, I ran a 5K with my kids after not running for months, and I feel great!”

Kristie Reid