What I do

ASSESS:  Utilizing multiple assessment tests; look for movement dysfunction, imbalance, postural compensations, and stability issues.
ROLFING:  Utilize the Rolfing SI progressive 10 series; mobilize the tissue to start rebalancing the fascial structures in the body.
CORRECTIVE EXERCISE:  Once the tissue is mobilized, WE(you and I)incorporate corrective exercises to create new movement patterns.
PRESCRIBE:  Prescribe custom take home corrective exercises to address movement deficiencies.
SUPPORT:  Most importantly; give you tools that you can utilize to heal yourself and deal with your chronic pain.

Rolfing®Structural Integration

Rolfing is different from other manual therapies. Rolfers work tissue differently. Rolfers work the edges, the seams. We dig into tight places that are stuck and not moving. Rolfers get long lasting results. Rolfing is not a “lay on the table and relax” type of modality. You the client, actually has to be involved in the process. I believe the results of Rolfing are due to a collaborative partnership between client and practitioner, a therapy progression, and great technique.

Rolfing and Corrective Exercise

How it breaks down:

The assessments I preform are grounded in the Physical Therapy, Chiropractic, and personal training world.  No more “eyeball tests”. No more guessing. These assessments allow me to help the client stabilize the Rolfing work that has been done with prescribed exercises that focus on improving movement faults and dysfunction found in the assessments.

Rolfing Structural Integration-Improves tissue quality, better blood flow, improves elastic quality of the muscles, loosens tight places, improves sensory/nervous system quality (your body’s ability to sense things around it), keeps the sympathetic nervous system response from taking over and sending people into the fight or flight response, improves body awareness, and makes everything feel good.

Corrective Exercise is the practice of using massage(in my case Rolfing), stretching, and low threshold exercise to get a person’s body moving efficiently.  Starting with remedial and regressed movements and progressing to full body multi joint movements; corrective exercise helps the body move correctly and efficiently.  Moving with high efficiency allows your body to conserve energy, creating less fatigue and muscle compensation.

Integration of new and improved movement patterns into daily activities brings everything together.  Your movements are correct.  You’re activating the correct muscles and not compensating.  You’re feeling good, moving better, and getting stronger.  Your body awareness is off the charts.  You’re proactive in your approach to your health.  Whether that be maintaining your posture while working, maintaining good form during workouts, or doing release and activation drills before you do those activities. You have the confidence that you’re not going to fall back into the same chronic injury cycle that you used to be in.  You know what to do if you feel those chronic injury signs creeping back into your life.  You’re prepared.  

Rolfing truly changed my life Hopefully it can change yours. Take a look around and discover how Rolfing Structural Integration + Corrective Exercise can help you,  “GET IN FRONT OF THE HURT’



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