One of my big frustrations with Rolfing and other bodywork modalities is the lack of a tracking tool to chart progress. With the exception of before and after pictures, most Rolfers have to rely on “eye-ball tests”, pseudo muscle testing, and how the clients feel to track progress as they go thru the 10 series. These tests include: Arm swings, subtle knee bends, walking tests, dorsiflexion and plantar flexion of the feet to look for rotation just to name a few. These tests work great. I use them in my practice all the time, but they are limited. The tests are completely subjective without any standard protocol for testing the movement. Any baseline that is gathered can only be communicated with other Rolfers. And that is a BIG maybe.

The FMS solves this problem. The FMS is a standardized, retestable movement screen. The FMS screens 7 movements common to everyday life and ranks them in their quality. It assesses risk of injury due to the quality of movement. The lower the score the higher the risk. The FMS is used in by rehabilitative professionals, medical professionals, fitness training professionals, and manual therapy professionals. It can be communicated to other health professionals.




The Tests:

– Deep squat
– Hurdle step
– Inline lunge
– Shoulder Mobility
– Active Straight Leg Raise
– Trunk Stability Push-Up
– Rotational Stability

Benefits to Rolfer and Client

– The FMS is Re-Testable
– Can use FMS throughout 10 series to check progress.
– Pinpoint imbalance and asymmetry.
– Minimizes session time.
– Can focus on tissue that need extra mobility work.
– Helps prioritize work of session.
– Corrective exercise or stretching allow for faster integration of Rolfing work.
– Creates faster results for client.
– Allows for cross discipline communication
– If there is pain in movement, client can be referred to health practitioner to address painful movements.
– FMS does not address pain.
– If pain is present, client will be referred to Health Practitioner who preferably uses SFMA(Selective Functional Movement Assessment) to address pain.

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