Tired of Pain Treatments That Just Don’t Work?

We’ve all been there. A tight shoulder that flares up despite regular visits to your doctor or bodyworker. Knee or lower back aches that start (again) out of nowhere. It can be stressful  spending time and money on treatments, shuffling between various practitioners and modalities in an effort to get “pain free.”

But it’s always frustrating going through all that, only to miss out on seasons of hiking, running, skiing, and just plain living a full life because your chronic pain returns. However,  that’s what happens when you treat symptoms, instead of the root cause of what’s actually going wrong with your body.

Rolfing Alone Can’t Fix Everything—Here’s Why

Think about it: Your injuries and pain didn’t happen overnight. Unless you’ve experienced a truly random acute injury, your soft tissue and joint pains occur because of a breakdown in your movement patterns. Repetitive motions, stress, repeated postures, and improper biomechanics that cause dysfunction and pain over time.

Rolfing can put your body in a great state and build your awareness of what appropriate movement feels like, but without a practice that activates muscles and helps reverse dysfunctional movement patterns, your neck, shoulder, low back, knee, or foot problems will return after just a few months.

Get Back in Action With an Integrative System

It’s time to take ownership of your pain relief. You can make it through a season without getting injured. Fixing yourself and creating long-lasting change in your body is possible, with some guidance. With my Rolfing and Corrective Exercise Training System you’ll be able to resolve your chronic pain issues for the long term!

  1. Assess Your Body

We’ll paint a picture of how you move, what’s causing your pain, and the things that do and don’t need attention.

  1. Relieve Your Pain

Using direct and indirect pressure techniques, Rolfing releases tight muscles and connective tissues, resulting in a more relaxed state.

  1. Move With Efficiency

Corrective exercise training helps your body correct pain-producing movement, conserve energy, and avoid fatigue.

We’ll partner in utilizing two proven pain control methods—Rolfing Structural Integration and Corrective Exercise training—to get you back to enjoying the things you love to do.

My Guarantee

You’ll have the confidence that you won’t fall back into the same chronic injury cycle that you used to be in. Better yet, you’ll know what to do if you feel chronic injury signs creeping back into your body. You’ll finally get to the root of the injuries and chronic pain issues keeping you from living the life you want.

Don’t risk further injury. Don’t wait until it “gets really bad.” Call Gung-Ho Rolfing and Fitness at 720-666-1400 to take a proactive approach to your health.